domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2016

Comunicado del Frente Anti-Imperialista sobre la operacíon represiva contra el HDP en Turquía


No hay paz con el fascismo, con el fascismo sólo hay lucha!

No Peace with Fascism, with Fascism Only Fight!
AKP fascism in the morning of 4th November, with a new operation arrested 11 HDP members of Parliament. The fascism of AKP intends to shut up everybody except themselves by pressures, and steal all our rights. For months they have tried to attract compassion for the coup d’etat, talking about the will of the people, but even a little bourgeois showroom democracy is too much for them.
This is the nature of fascism, there is nothing it will not do in order to take control of the power. The Kurdish movement, talking about solutions, talking about peace, has being sitting at the table with this fascist government, playing with the rights that the people had acquired paying a high price in the armed fight, in the democracy game of AKP
Continuous attacks, and massacres in Kurdistan have shown that in a country where fascism exists, all rights can be suspended in one night! The same laws that avoid that assassins, thieves and cheaters are judged, ensure that the parliament members of HDP are detained bursting in their houses!
Fascism does not surprise us! !The ones who attacked us like a mob, when we advised the Kurdish nationalists not to be a tool in their game of democracy, get the luck to be attacked by fascism today! Fascism has never changed, the games of democracy, the accounts of elections are only vehicles to try to calm down the reactions of the people. There is only a way of liberation for the people, and it is resistance, it passes through the fight against fascism in every front.
AKP attacks every fraction who opposites them, in this way it tries to break the people’s resistance. But they are wrong, there are revolutionaries in this land, there is Kurdish and Turkish people, who do not surrender to the massacres.
This is a call to all the peoples in the world! Never come to terms with fascism, do not expect the independence from the parliament of the oligarchy, nor the support of the imperialists.
The only liberation for the people is socialism, the only way is the legitimate armed fight
Let the HDP members of parliament free!
The pressures will not intimidate us!

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